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These are Reverence Movement ministry related videos that I've produced from start to finish.



True Vine


This is the story of how The Reverence Movement started in me three years before it's launch. I made it as a way to inspire an invite people to join us on our journey. 



SORJ part 1


This is the first teaching video I released once our team arrived in Boulder. It's a brief first look at the underlying theme of God's message and the role Jesus plays. It's meant to reach the non-believers of our city.


To film it, my wife, a Rev team member and myself woke up at 4am and drove to the Lake Isabelle trailhead. After a two mile, uphill hike to our destination, we arrived at the lake just after sunrise. Filming in the Rockies is a risk, but showing up anytime after 12pm is worthless, as we found on our first trip to this location. It was about 30 degrees and dropping golfball size hail on us. On this morning however, it was calm and beautiful. We even saw a Moose on the way back!



2012 End of Year Video


This is an interview with Scottish singer/songwriter Sarah DeShields for the release of her latest CD The Pilgrim Way.  Sarah talks about the album, what she's awed by and the legacy she hopes to leave with her life. 



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