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Featured Artist Videos 


These are a few videos I've produced from beginning to end. They were done for the Reverence Movement as a way to feature and attract artists from Boulder to our ministry. These videos were all shot with a Canon 7D and editted in Final Cut ProX.



We met Tyler and Rachel of Royally Out at the open market in Boulder.  They had us laughing and crying at their marionette show.  Kids and adults alike were captivated by their artistry.  It was truly amazing.



Reid's Show 


Our friend Reid draws the biggest crowd on Pearl Street in Boulder. As soon as you watch this video, you'll understand why.



Sarah Deshields


This is an interview with Scottish singer/songwriter Sarah DeShields for the release of her latest CD The Pilgrim Way.  Sarah talks about the album, what she's awed by and the legacy she hopes to leave with her life. 



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