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The Worship Leader

Music has always been a huge part of my life. My dad was a professional musician. I grew up in smoky nightcubs watching him perform. My mom was a singer and played piano.


I learned to play the piano and guitar when I was very young. I learned to sing from being in the choir at my church and later in school. I started writing songs in high school. 



SInce then it seems like I've led worship in nearly every setting possible. I've led in big churches and small churches, old churches and new churches.


I've led myself in worship. I've led small groups in worship. I've led worship on mission trips and at weddings. I've led worship at homeless shelters and funerals. I've led worship in stadiums and next to campfires. I love leading worship.


Here are a few videos of me leading worship in different places. Thanks for watching!




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