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Dan's Assorted Media


Jim Collins Intro

Church Production Mag.jpg

Church Production Magazine feature on Dan Rutty and team TC 

Disrupt Yourself Podcast
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Dan Rutty: Producer. Editor.

Disrupt Yourself Podcast
Host Whitney Johnson
Episode 201: Humor Seriously

Dans Recent Songs

I filmed, edited and produced teaching videos for NYT Best-Selling Author Jim Collins, to use at various events. Due to copyright, I'm unable to show a lot of my work, but here is a short clip example. 

Canon Promo

A promotional film produced by Canon, featuring Dan Rutty and his team at Transformation Church, SC

The Journey So Far

A short film celebrating the Transformation Church story

Dan Rutty: Writer. Director. Co-Producer


Experimenting in Stop Motion. A Short Teaching Video Intro

Dan Rutty: Writer. Director. 

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