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A Pastor First

Since answering God’s call to ministry in 1999, I've served the Church in various ways. I’ve Pastored youth and young adults. I’ve been a Worship and Production Pastor, a Teaching Pastor and a most-recently a Lead Pastor. Whatever my job in ministry has been, the role I enjoy the most is that of "Pastor". I don't need to be the lead Pastor, I just enjoy shepherding people and take my role seriously.


I serve the Lead Pastors I work for with honor and devotion. I understand the importance of being united in ministry together. I honor and appreciate the staff and volunteers I'm entrusted with. I give them a clear vision of the ministry department and lead them by example. I truly want my team members to grow in Christ, love what they do, flourish and reach their full potential. 


The people I've worked with in the past tell me, it's my "Pastor's heart" that sets me apart. I've done my best to build on that. 

Pastor Dan at the Cambry Orphanage in Les Cayes, Haiti. June 2015

Pastor Dan speaking at the Boulder Homeless Memorial

True Discipleship

What does it mean to:

"love God with all of our heart, mind and soul?"

"love our neighbor as ourselves?"

"deny ourselves and pick up our cross?" 


Jesus took His students on a journey that led them to complete surrender. They walked with Jesus daily, heard Him teach, watched Him feed, heal and forgive. Then, after only three years, Jesus sent His students out to go do the same work. He would not allow them to be "spectators" for very long.


Focusing in on these three questions has completely changed how I live, lead, worship and follow Jesus. Today, I love helping others understand the path of a student. 




Nearly every lesson Jesus taught happened "on the way" somewhere or in the middle of something else. In my experience, when I surrender my will for ministry and step out in faith, God provides me with incredible opportunities to love, serve and teach people that wouldn't come to me.


Over the years I've noticed a high percentage of Christians in America focusing their efforts on "bringing people to Jesus". There's nothing wrong with that. My heart however, is drawn more to "bringing Jesus to people" and trusting that God will do the rest.  


Whether it's my literal neighbor, people from other walks of life and faith, or my Christian bothers and sisters, my desire is to be an example of Jesus everyday to those in my midst and go where I feel drawn.   



Pastor Dan baptizing homeless women in downtown Boulder, CO

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